Am I My Brothers Keeper?

We’ve all heard the famous line

“Am I my brothers keeper?”

No matter your religious upbringing this is probably a familiar line to you. 

It is a question that could and should be asked every day.  

It is our job

It is our job as drivers in any vehicle we’re in to be the keeper of our brother in the lane next to us.

If you spend any time in West Texas at all no doubt you’ve seen flipped semis, smashed guard rails, and orphaned fenders in the median.  

Now, you’ll see this anywhere where there are vehicles with running engines but it seems especially prevelant in the Texas Oil Field right now. 

Windy Road On A Dark Night

I’m reminded of a story from my childhood.

I was riding shotgun with my dad, It was a dark night on a winding two lane highway in south Texas.  We had a heavy load on the trailer and navigating the narrow backroads that night was anything but a joy ride. 

When a passing truck flashed their lights at us several times rapid fire I asked Dad what that meant and he said, that there was probably something wrong up ahead. So we slowed down as we approached the next curve and sure enough… about a dozen black cows standing in the middle of the road.

Black Cows/Black Night

No doubt that if that vehicle that we had passed had not been looking out for their brother (my dad and I) we would have been in an accident that night.

Now this is a super simple example of being our brothers keeper but hopefully it illustrates a mindset that we share this road with many many people every day and we have a moral obligation to watch out for others.  

Safety First…

By keeping ourselves safe first, it sets us up to be able to help set a culture of safety on the highways where we work and live.   No driver can obviously do it by themself but by all of us being safer and thinking of the people’s safety that are beyond our windshield we can make any and every road safer.

and remember to…

always be your brothers keeper on all highways of life.     

Stay safe out there 

Are You Proud Of The Brand You Drive For?

Whether you are throwing a rope from the top of a saddle,

swinging a hammer on a roof, or driving a truck somewhere in America the satisfaction of being proud of the brand you work for cannot be overstated or overlooked.  

The Good, Bad, and the Ugly,

I know we’ve all had jobs where how should we say it… you would rather be a known cousin to Lucifer than for the world to know you work for this particular company. 

Safe To Say..

It might be a particular boss or just the company in general but I think its safe to say most of us have been there.

But hopefully we’ve also all experienced the feeling of proudly sharing with people the name of the company we spend our time and sweat working with.

And I use the word ‘With’ very intentionally.  Because when you join a company that truly cares about you and your well being not just the bottom line you are joining a team that you feel you can work WITH not just a company you can work FOR

Image 11-29-18 at 8.32 PM.jpg

Living For Friday Night?

Fridays are always going to be one of the best days of the week no doubt!  But if we spend our whole life working to get to Friday night and the work we’re doing is just a means-to-an-end we’re not gonna live the fullest most rewarding life possible.  


All this is definitely easier said then done but wherever you’re working and whatever brand is on the front of your paycheck day in and day out please make sure its a company that you can be proud of.  There is no higher calling then supporting our family with a hard work ethic and the best living we can accomplish.  I think we can have both.  We spend most of our adult life on the clock.  So make sure it’s a clock that is ticking with purpose.  

So I ask you again… are you proud of the brand you drive for?

If not, make today a step towards that goal today. 

Its The 21st Century, Is The Trucking Industry Still Relevant?

I’m going to answer this question right up front and tell you the answer is a loud resounding


Not because of a biases towards the logistics industry, not because of the jobs it creates, but because it is hands down the fastest, most productive way to move products and goods quickly and efficiently from point A to point B. 

Don’t believe me?  

Thats ok, don’t take my word for it. 

Lets look at what the vast majority of Americans think

and more importantly what Americans want.

whether it’s fracking sand from the Permian or the new iPhone

We are a people that when we order a product, whether it’s fracking sand from the Permian or the new iPhone from Amazon we expect it to be where it needs to be quickly and with quality. 

No other industry can provide this service like the American trucker can.  

From the food that is stocked in your local grocery store, to the lumber your house is built of, to the fuel that is in you vehicle that brought you to work today.  All that would not reach you without the amazing American truck driver.

No, the American truck driver is not going anywhere.  Not in a (heaven forbid) failing economy, not in a booming economy, not in our lifetime, not even with tech guru Elon Musk trying to develop driverless all electric semis, is the American truck driver going to be replaced. 

“If there’s any industry that Americans take for granted, its trucking.”

- New York Times Magazine

And they are exactly right.

Currently 70% of all American goods are delivered via trucking logistics.  

70% of all American goods

Going into the beginning of 2018 the trucking industry needed 700,000 drivers to fill the gap between suppliers and consumers.  

And the oil and gas logistics industry falls right in line with the same need for quality men and women to provide the best energy logistics in an exemplary fashion.

the energy industry’s heartbeat

With its great flexibility and ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently, the energy industry’s heartbeat is most definitely powered by a diesel engine and eighteen wheels.

Stay safe out there, and thank you for keeping America on time 

Leading The Way From Behind The Wheel

Whether you’re running a classic Pete or the newest Mack, we know you’ve spent more then your fair share of time sitting in the drivers seat.


Because we love to get stuff done.  

From the first morning light rising over the hood to chasing the last fading light in the west, we love to get stuff done.  

Thats why we do what we do!

We like to see a full load when we look in the mirror, feel the weight of the trailer as we grab another gear on the highway, but most of all… we love a job well done.  

best version of ourselves

We know we are the best version of ourselves when we’re productive and have meaningful work to do.  

That’s why Cisco Logistics takes every step possible to make sure everyone has the tools they need to get the job done safely and on time.  

Our drivers lead the way…

We encourage drivers to lead the way in productivity and innovation.  We know the best ideas come from the people that have their boots on the ground and can see the biggest areas for improvement and refinement.  

You hear all the time, companies say “we are like a family”, but here at Cisco we really are.
We don’t just say it, we live it, we love it, and we encourage it. 
— Keannon Bailey,  Logistics Manager

Part of being that family and that team is everyone doing their best to see and improve every area we can. 

Not only on a company level but on every level 

From the way we treat each other, ways to increase our productivity,  improving safety measures,  and sharing helpful information to help us all do what we love to do, get stuff done and…

lead the way from behind the wheel.


If you are interested in learning more about Cisco Logistics click here to discover why they are the fastest growing oil field logistics provider in the U.S.