Leading The Way From Behind The Wheel

Whether you’re running a classic Pete or the newest Mack, we know you’ve spent more then your fair share of time sitting in the drivers seat.


Because we love to get stuff done.  

From the first morning light rising over the hood to chasing the last fading light in the west, we love to get stuff done.  

Thats why we do what we do!

We like to see a full load when we look in the mirror, feel the weight of the trailer as we grab another gear on the highway, but most of all… we love a job well done.  

best version of ourselves

We know we are the best version of ourselves when we’re productive and have meaningful work to do.  

That’s why Cisco Logistics takes every step possible to make sure everyone has the tools they need to get the job done safely and on time.  

Our drivers lead the way…

We encourage drivers to lead the way in productivity and innovation.  We know the best ideas come from the people that have their boots on the ground and can see the biggest areas for improvement and refinement.  

You hear all the time, companies say “we are like a family”, but here at Cisco we really are.
We don’t just say it, we live it, we love it, and we encourage it. 
— Keannon Bailey,  Logistics Manager

Part of being that family and that team is everyone doing their best to see and improve every area we can. 

Not only on a company level but on every level 

From the way we treat each other, ways to increase our productivity,  improving safety measures,  and sharing helpful information to help us all do what we love to do, get stuff done and…

lead the way from behind the wheel.


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