Am I My Brothers Keeper?

We’ve all heard the famous line

“Am I my brothers keeper?”

No matter your religious upbringing this is probably a familiar line to you. 

It is a question that could and should be asked every day.  

It is our job

It is our job as drivers in any vehicle we’re in to be the keeper of our brother in the lane next to us.

If you spend any time in West Texas at all no doubt you’ve seen flipped semis, smashed guard rails, and orphaned fenders in the median.  

Now, you’ll see this anywhere where there are vehicles with running engines but it seems especially prevelant in the Texas Oil Field right now. 

Windy Road On A Dark Night

I’m reminded of a story from my childhood.

I was riding shotgun with my dad, It was a dark night on a winding two lane highway in south Texas.  We had a heavy load on the trailer and navigating the narrow backroads that night was anything but a joy ride. 

When a passing truck flashed their lights at us several times rapid fire I asked Dad what that meant and he said, that there was probably something wrong up ahead. So we slowed down as we approached the next curve and sure enough… about a dozen black cows standing in the middle of the road.

Black Cows/Black Night

No doubt that if that vehicle that we had passed had not been looking out for their brother (my dad and I) we would have been in an accident that night.

Now this is a super simple example of being our brothers keeper but hopefully it illustrates a mindset that we share this road with many many people every day and we have a moral obligation to watch out for others.  

Safety First…

By keeping ourselves safe first, it sets us up to be able to help set a culture of safety on the highways where we work and live.   No driver can obviously do it by themself but by all of us being safer and thinking of the people’s safety that are beyond our windshield we can make any and every road safer.

and remember to…

always be your brothers keeper on all highways of life.     

Stay safe out there