Cisco Logistics Welcomes New Drivers every Week

Every week Cisco Logistics holds orientation and training classes for all new drivers. The three day long orientation trains for DOT compliance, safety, electronic logs, and the phones used for dispatching loads. Our team of trainers provide the very best information and experience that helps and encourages our drivers to learn how to be successful. Beginning their first day, orientation helps develop job expectations and a positive attitude about the job role for the employee on that initial day. Our training provides the knowledge and skills to perform their job. This knowledge improves their performance and provides the motivation to become more efficient and effective. We welcome our new drivers to the Cisco Logistics family each week and want them to know that they are the heart and soul of our company. Our staff facilitates the learning information, binding not only job duties and performance, but developing those employee relationships helping to solidify the future of Cisco Logistics being the best oil field logistics company.

When I talk to other drivers about the difference between Cisco and “other companies”. I say it’s our dispatch and office personnel. For the first time in a while I stopped by the yard in Cisco, TX. Miranda at the front desk was awesome as usual. She kept a smile on her face and was very professional. It felt like a family atmosphere was in the building. I was able to say hi to a few people such as Abby and Tommy. Whoever is in charge is doing a very good job backed by a very good and professional team. Thanks Cisco for your hard work with keeping us with work.
— Bobby Martin, Cisco Logistics Driver